• Ghost Town

    I returned to a place I used to live and found it empty. The streets and buildings were exactly the same, but the emotions weren’t. Maybe there were shadows of past emotions, but nothing that was alive. Just ghosts. Also, I don’t have friends there any more. (At least none I keep in touch with, I suppose I could track someomne down and reconnect..)

    It’s kind of sad. I lived in a place for years and yet I have no friends there.

  • About Book Recommendations and Wasting Time

    Recently I’ve read a much hyped book that wasn’t necessarily bad, it was just too long. I felt like the entire information of 300 pages could have fitted on 20. Probably even less.

    Now, I understand that publishers sell paper. But they, and the authors, should respect the readers’ time. Especially these days, where there are so many alternatives. Nobody get’s bored anymore these days. We’re bombarded by data.

    So, if it didn’t happen earlier I’ve now lost my faith in hit books, Amazon ratings and even the recommendations of a group of people I used to respect. I mean how can they recommend this?

    And no it wasn’t a subject I already knew about. It was just repeating the same point over and over with different examples.

    It was a very disappointing read.

  • A Blog About Lists

    I decided to start yet another blog. It’s over at and it’s about facts in the form of interesting lists that I stumble over while surfing the web.

    The layout is the same as on this blog, because I basically copied this blog to create the other one, but I will probably change it in the future.

  • When People Are Productive

    I just stumbled over this idea while reading: “Most people can only be productive when someone depends on them.”

    This reminds me that some people explode with productivity when they have a partner. This is of course one of the benefits of teamwork. There are many more.

    P.S.: I’ll never run out of things to write about here.

  • A job for young people, a job for old people

    When I started programming everyone was rather young. So it was sort of correct when the media spoke of whiz kids that run circles around the elderly when it came to technology. There were a lot of us.

    Now time has passed and there’s a lot of us older people. So is it an industry of middle aged people now? Or are we expiring and just waiting to be replaced by someone younger?

    I suppose it’s about perception. When I was young many people in the industry were young, now they are all older, and while there are of course younger people coming in, the perception must have changed about who the hackers are these days.

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